Halloween speaks spooky. And lately spooky has been taking stylish, elegant and chic undertones in Singapore.

Embracing a festival in all its glory (or, should we say gory) is amazing. But, have you wondered that all the money that is spent on unique, quirky items has a once-in-a-year usage pattern. We end up wrapping the items up in a nook and let them graciously gain dust. Well, it’s the year to set new patterns. Isn’t it?

We reached out to different interior designers and saw how certain Halloween décor ideas were super cost-effective, spooky and sophisticated. It’s thrilling to see how they can be used in your living space even beyond October.

So, ready to read on and explore 5 trending Halloween ideas that give you so much more than only a ‘boo’ for your buck!


#1 Matte pumpkins as décor pieces or even paper-holders

hallo1 300x300 - 5 Halloween décor ideas to keep all-year round!

Jack-o-lanterns are signature Halloween decorative items. Putting in a matte-twist to these pumpkins is on the cards this year. The idea is to experiment with textures to give a sophisticated and rich look instead of a creepy look. Instead of sticking to the orange, opting for colours like black and white can deliver a minimalistic look.

In this manner, these can be flaunted on your table tops, bar area or even kitchen counter through the year. If you prefer the tiny pumpkins, you can use them as paper holders on your desk.


#2 Neon signage as an accent for your room

hallo2 300x200 - 5 Halloween décor ideas to keep all-year round!

The coolest aspect of the neon light is that it can suit a plethora of styles and help create varied moods. Right from spooky to a solace-inducing vibe.

The pop in the LED neon signage is thrilling and perfect as a Halloween décor. Its vast presence and visual effects helps cut out the need for too many décor items around. You can pick a creepy dialogue of Joker, or even a skull.

It’s perfect as a long-term bedroom accessory as it breaks the monotony without taking up any ground space. LED neon lights are in the spotlight to ensure your bedroom sparks some fun and vibrancy. After all, you deserve it after each day’s grind. Due to the contrast that LED neon signages bring in, even a Halloween-themed neon signage works well in an industrial monotone themed bedroom.


#3 Candlelight days and nights

hallo3 200x300 - 5 Halloween décor ideas to keep all-year round!

This one’s for the ones who love to decorate their space with the power of lighting.

In addition to neon-signage, another light-based décor item is the traditional carved candle. Quirky flickering candles, pillar candles, taper candles on a candlesticks, container candles or even tarts –  candles instantly and quite effortlessly add a luxe-character to a space.

Picking colours that are eternally in fashion such as white can complement any surface and wall colour; making it suitable to place just about anywhere in your home.


#4 Mysterious-looking jars for planters

hallo4 300x185 - 5 Halloween décor ideas to keep all-year round!

Beyond storing, jars (not placed in the kitchen) do a great job in delivering an eerie look to a place. Try it out. Pick some of the jars in shades of plum, wine or black and place them in random spots in your living area. #Halloween vibes initiated.

Through the year, these creep-inducing jars can surprisingly generate refreshing vibes if used in the right way. Plant a money plant or decorate it with fairy lights. See the instant switch in mood and vibe!


#5 Undressing those frames: Blank frames

hallo5 201x300 - 5 Halloween décor ideas to keep all-year round!


Geez. Never thought a blank frame can make a passer-by think whats on in this place?

Temporarily pull out some of the pictures from your existing frames, and use these dim frames to do their job on Halloween. ­­­­­­­The emptiness in the frame fills up the area with a sort of unexplained emptiness. Come to think of it, isn’t it quite creepy?

Post October, it can go back to being how it was adorned – with amazing pictures of you and loved ones.

In order to ensure that your Halloween décor can find a permanent spot in your beautiful home, here are a few tips to keep in mind when you go Halloween shopping.

  • Look for colours beyond orange. Colours such as black, white, grey and blue are eternal bets. They can seamlessly merge into any space, regardless of palette. Another reason is that they are already a part of most colour palettes.
  • Think if the item can be re-used to meet some other purpose. For instance, a woollen Halloween shawl can be used as a sofa throw. A jute bag can be used as a laundry bag too.
  • Keep it small to not dig big pocket holes. There are a ton of small and cheaper Halloween themed items such as keychains, fridge magnets. These are economical and deliver some good use – on Halloween and every other day.


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