The first thing you notice at a wedding is not actually the bride and groom, but the extravagant decorations surrounding the event. Flowers, neon signs, tableware….These decorations set the atmosphere of the party. These decorations bring out the personality of the couple, making wedding decorations one of the most crucial aspects of the event.

Couples have started to stray away from traditional wedding themes or traditions such as an all-white wedding and bridesmaids wearing the exact same dresses. Modern-day groomsmen and bridesmaids wear mismatched outfits but still effortlessly look like a well-coordinated group. Here are a couple of new wedding décor trends for your big day.


#1 Non-traditional Flowers

Leave the greens, roses, lilies and other popular wedding flowers in the past, unless one of them is your absolute favourite! Felisa Funes, owner and lead designer of “Of the Flowers” recommends using less commonly known flora and experimenting with different dye colours and textures.

flower1 200x300 - 5 New Wedding Décor Trends for your Big Day

Feather-like flora in a table centerpiece. Source

flower2 200x300 - 5 New Wedding Décor Trends for your Big Day

Dyed flowers. Source


Going for non-traditional flowers will also cut back your wedding décor costs. Roses and other popular wedding flowers are always in high demand and thus, expensive. Explore different florals and do your research on seasonal flowers. Local, seasonal flowers will be fresher than those out of season, requiring shorter durations of and even less transport.


#2 Neon Sign

Another important décor is a wedding sign. It could be one to welcome the guests, bring more attention to the happy couple, be used as a backdrop or just light up the party. Attract more attention to these signs by incorporating a custom LED Neon Sign.


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Custom neon sign, by NeonLife. Source


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Custom neon sign, by NeonLife. Source


Get a custom-made neon sign of the bride and groom’s names, initials or a quote celebrating their love. Jenna Miller, Creative Director at Here Comes the Guide has shared tips on choosing the perfect wedding neon sign. Read about it here. The sign also makes for a good photo spot and could double as a wedding keepsake!


#3 Cake Styles

It’s finally time to cut the wedding cake and smudge the frosting on each other’s faces. What’s that cake going to look like though? Double to quadruple tiered cakes are here to stay but the designs and flavours have definitely evolved. Be bold with geometric structures and details.

cake2 207x300 - 5 New Wedding Décor Trends for your Big Day

Three-tiered cake with a hexagonal base and sharp line details with a metallic finish. Source


Try “unusual” cake flavours such as Earl Grey, pistachio and lemon-lime. You may even want to scrape the whole idea of a sponge cake and go with other desserts that make a cake-like structure. A literal “cheese” cake, macarons and croquembouche top the list of alternative weddings cakes.

cake3 200x300 - 5 New Wedding Décor Trends for your Big Day

Macaroon tower. Source


#4 Expanded Colour Palette

Stay in your comfort zone with neutral wedding colours or take a leap of faith by adding more vocab to your colour palette! Experiment with louder colours and incorporate colour-blocking. This means taking contrasting colours and pairing them side by side to make an eye-catching colour combination. Colour-blocking can be applied in almost everything from wedding invitations to the placemat settings.


table1 244x300 - 5 New Wedding Décor Trends for your Big Day

Colour blocking at a beach wedding. Source


#5 Art Displays or Installations

According to, art-related themes have been a big hit with couples and is set to become even more popular with the increased creativity and visual freedom of artists. Get inspired by one of your favourite masterpieces or support that hardworking arty friend by displaying some of their work at your wedding.


origami2 300x200 - 5 New Wedding Décor Trends for your Big Day

Origami vines wedding backdrop. Source


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