About NEON LIFE Custom Neon Signs

Inspired by the instagrammable cafes in Los Angeles, Elaine founded Neon Life in June 2018 with the hope of bringing the magical neon spark to Singapore. Within 2 months of the launch, Neon Life had garnered a strong client base, working with clients from all walks of life, from major hotel chains to F&B outlets, weddings and fitness centres.


Neon Life specializes in customized LED neon signs. We love seeing our clients' neon designs come to life! Neon Life has a team of designers and skilled LED neon masters who are readily available to advise and create your perfect neon sign.


At NEON LIFE, we make it easy to design and create your own unique neon sign!



Our team has over 5 years of experience making neon signage!

We specialize in custom LED neon signage, personalized neon signs, neon signs for business and restaurants, bar neon signs, neon signs for weddings and neon signs for home decor.

Our neon signs light up parties, homes, offices, events, bars, cafes... you name it!



Create your own neon sign online on our website using our neon customizer tool! We have created an online tool to help you create your own unique neon sign. Easily input your desire text and designs to our online customizer tool and get your neon signage mockup.

To design your own custom neon, just submit the online form. We will provide the neon sign quotation within 24 hours and assist with any queries regarding size, price, colour, font and etc.



If you can't find a font you like on our online customizer tool, don't worry! Our neon signs are fully customizable, meaning we can do almost any style of font including handwritten fonts, logos, and drawings.

Neon Life has in house designers who can help with your design! Do contact us for a custom quote including your idea, requirements and budget. Knowing your budget will allow us to tailor the design and quote to best fit you.



Once you are satisfied with your neon signage design, just make payment ans in a few weeks you will have your own handmade, personalized neon light sign! As we are based in Singapore, neon lights in Singapore are delivered faster at 7-10 days lead time. We are proud to have the fastest lead time for neon sign customization in Singapore.



If you're looking for a neon sign in Singapore, just let us know and we can advise on a neon signage near you! We love to spread the joy of neon lights... they look great in pictures!