pic1article3 300x200 - Bedroom Refresh Ideas: Restyling your Nook on a Budget!

Times have been challenging for all. Hiring interior designers and teams to constantly enter-exit your apartment may not be the ideal thing for many at the moment. This doesn’t mean you are not equipped to refresh your bedroom. True creativity has emerged with home styling on a budget – re-use, crafting things by oneself, sourcing and opting for cheaper yet bamboozling display items.

Given the times in Singapore, we’re spending humongous amount of time in our bedrooms – more than ever really. It is natural to feel monotony set. Letting your creative juices flow for a bedroom makeover – the effectively budgeted kind – is the perfect therapy in such times.

We have compiled all the hacks, ideas and elements to instil new character into your bedroom. Let’s dive into this bedroom makeover.

#1 Peel-and-stick, wallet-friendly wallpaper

pic2article3 300x200 - Bedroom Refresh Ideas: Restyling your Nook on a Budget!

In a bedroom makeover, 90% of the job involves building in character. Peel-and-stick wallpapers help create just that in a DIY fashion – you can accentuate your walls or smoothen up any blemished surfaces. The proprietary adhesive is used in the genuine wallpapers making it quite a breeze for wall applications. Stay away from contact paper being sold as a wallpaper solution.

Peel-and-stick wallpapers are available in just about every colour and print preference. One can cut and use them to fit different wall sizes. If you’re using it just for its style factor and not to cover up any damages, then you need not do up the entire wall. Sticking the wallpaper above the bed dimensions itself can make a big and beautiful impact.

Floral and green plant decals are very much in trend to lighten and brighten up moods. Great way to bring in those ‘nature vibes.

Note: Putting up the wallpaper is quite a breeze, however removing the wallpaper is a time-consuming process. Opt for the ones (again, the ones with a proprietary adhesive) that dont leave any sticky residue on.

#2 Introduce pop and moods through LED neon signages

pic3article3 300x300 - Bedroom Refresh Ideas: Restyling your Nook on a Budget!

Neon signages break the monotony in your bedroom without taking up any ground space. LED neon lights are in the spotlight to ensure your bedroom sparks joy, relaxation and vibrancy. After all, you deserve it after each day’s grind. Due to the contrast that LED neon signages bring, it works well even if your bedroom has an industrial monotone theme.

There are a plethora of ways in which neon signages can suit your personal style. You can opt to see an inspirational quote, whacked-out signboard, cartoon character or even a motto upon waking up. If you want to bring in pop colours into your bedroom, contrasting the colour of the LED neon light from the wall hue can do great wonders.

Check out a myriad of other interesting ways in which NeonLife makes the perfect, mood-boosting neon signages for your bedroom.

#3 Cushion up your bedroom

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Cushions bring in the comfort factor within a finger snap. They work in versatile ways. One can place them on the bed, chair by the desk or even on the floor. One can get access to almost all types, designs, materials of cushions online. One can even customise them with their photos or name initials. You can digitally print your paintings on any cushion as well.

Make sure that they deliver the necessary comfort and complement the colour palette of your bedroom. To make them striking, choose a print and colour that is very different from the walls and the rest of the bedroom articles.

#4 Is the curved light for you?

pic5article3 225x300 - Bedroom Refresh Ideas: Restyling your Nook on a Budget!

Lighting is a priority to set the bedroom mood. The mid-century curve is back, making it our recent obsession. Right from curved entryways to curved table ends. Curved glass balls are working their charm right over our beds. The clear ones give out a royal yet minimalistic look to the dining room.  The one with frost cut out the glare. It works quite well for a reading room.

These are available in gold as well as brass finish, making any room stand out.

# 5 Getting your head around colours

pic6article3 200x300 - Bedroom Refresh Ideas: Restyling your Nook on a Budget!

Right from the walls, cushions, lamps, bed sheets; setting a colour palette for your bedroom can be challenging. Run through the below notes to come to the desired decision.

·      Decide the vibe of your room. If you want a fair balance between calm and vibrancy, then opt for blue and teal to deliver the serenity and calm. Yellow/orange brings is the vibrant pop to set a zealous balance.

·      Even if you’re not an art class student, the colour wheel can help. Amazing palettes are made using opposite colours on the wheel (say blue and orange).

·      If you prefer sober colours like grey, then opt for everything major in grey (bedsheets, walls, etc.). Bring in cheer through smaller colourful items such as colourful cushions, frames, plants, etc.

Endnote: Bring in a dimension of space through mirrors. They make any space look spacious.


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