Neon lights are great for everything, from cafes, homes, weddings, offices, events…. You name it, we have done it!

Eye-catching and luminous, your unique neon sign will make your space more visible, attracting the attention of passerbys. They also provide the aesthetic for a good photo!

Fortunately, Neon signs are not limited to any specific industries or trades. We have worked with clients from all walks of life. Check out our gallery below to view some of our featured works.

Neon Sign for Business

A form of advertising in itself, neon signs have been helping business owners stand out for decades. Spice up your logo design or the name of your store by having it glow. Don’t think one neon sign is enough for your space? Just get more! Neon signs have been proven to be more cost-efficient than simply using traditional light signs with bulbs.

Neon Sign for Events

Day or night, our neon signs will help your events stay lit for hours on end. Get guests to take pictures with the customised neon sign to promote your event. When the event is over, bring it home or display it in the office. There’s never a wrong place or time to have something radiant present.

Neon Sign for Homes

If you’re trying to get inspiration for home décor, take a look at how some of our clients have incorporated their custom neon signs into their living spaces.  We’ll help your discover the perfect shapes, words and hues to bring out the personalities of you and your home.

Neon Sign for Weddings

There’s no better way to celebrate the burning love between two people than with an incandescent customised neon sign! Makes for an excellent photobooth area and wedding gift too. Set up the neon light at home as a wedding keepsake!