How to light up the room for best utility, look and relaxation! Liven up the little things

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Home lighting has more power than one can imagine. It’s not just about a dim or brighter light. Lighting impacts our mood, emotions and lifts spirits. It affects how we feel in the day. On days when one is feeling low, switching on the correct light can totally make oneself feel energetic and productive. This must’ve definitely happened to you too.

It has always been a crucial aspect of setting up a home. However, 2020 has redefined the idea of ‘lighting trends’ to go beyond simply eye-boggling design to include utility and relaxation. Given the time we spend at homes to avoid the outdoors, our home is the safe base for our relaxation, entertainment, work and celebration.

From mixing up light sources, power of light intensities, LED fixtures, neon lights and a lot more; let’s look at how to perfectly light up your home.

#1 Layered Illumination

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Having one source of light is equivalent to only having one energy-source. Adding in a number of sources in one space adds to the energy factor and allows you to pick which to use basis different activities and moods. Several interior designers pledge by multiple light sources in a single room.

Only one light in one space gives a flat and monotonous look. There is nothing contrasting about the centre of the room, corners and perimeters. All look even with no depth. Multiple sources help achieve this beautiful uplifting contrast.

Let’s begin by addressing big areas of the home, such as the living area.

An interesting ceiling fixture above the dining table or coffee table can be the master light. Next, installing light sources ‘within’ stands/ shelves/ racks gives the space a seamless yet striking vibrancy. For instance, placing light sources inside the shelves of the bookshelf. It’s not too loud a vibrancy, but seamlessly highlights the edges and tops of the books and other items.

It is a good idea to light up the outline of the space (curtains, walls, corners) with a warm and gentle light. This helps gives a cosy and homely vibe to the living room. You can use valance/soffit lighting, floor lamps to achieve this. Floor lamps do a great job at bouncing light off the ceiling.


#2 Bright, Bright Baby in the Kitchen Area

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Going bright in the kitchen has always worked. Most mothers score it high on utility (nobody wants to chew up worms in their food due to the courtesy of dim lighting).

Now, it’s important to address lighting in the kitchen without taking up any working space. One should be able to freely move around without interference from floor lamps or other such kinds of heavy lamps.

You can hang an overhead bulb, high hat or pendant on the ceiling to brighten up the entire space. Curved glass balls are working their charm in Singapore’s kitchens. The clear ones give out a royal yet minimalistic look.  The ones with frost cut out the glare. These are available in gold as well as brass finish, making any kitchen look sleek.

Next, how do we go about creating a contrast?

Kitchen counters can be lit up by inbuilt tube light which do not take up working space. LED strips also work phenomenally well as under-cabinet lighting. And if you want to truly make your kitchen stand out, opt for a funky neon signage. Probably something you would see in a restaurant or bar. Or even a Ratatouille (caricature or dish) LED.


#3 #WeekendVibes: LED Neon Lighting

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Let’s go slightly deeper into as to how neon signages can really enhance the lighting game.

Neon signages are bringing the outing and weekend vibes right in the comfort of your home. LED neon lights are in the spotlight to ensure your home sparks joy, relaxation and vibrancy. After all, you deserve it after each day’s grind. These are among the few décor items which don’t take up a lot of living space as they lay on the walls.

Traditionally, associated with night clubs, bars or karaoke restaurants; these are now being customised for home setups. The cool aspect is that they can fit almost within any home’s style. If your home is an industrial themed one, a contrasting colour of neon signage can add a vibrant pop to the space. If it’s a couple’s bedroom, then a neon sign of a quote (same hue as wall colour) by the bedside or dressing table can deliver a high-end appeal. If you’re missing working out in the gym, placing a neon signage in your work-out nook can help you get in the mood for a beastly session.

Right from a motivational phrase, to a whacked-out signboard of Elvis Presley, or a family motto; neon signs are truly ‘LIT’. Check out a myriad of other interesting ways in which Neonlife makes the perfect neon signages, keeping them vibrantly joyful and mood-enhancing.


#4  Highlighting Art Pieces

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Lighting is a melodious play between bright and dimmer spaces in order to achieve the perfect contrast.

Contrast in a space can come in by highlighting your art pieces.

·      Say, wall lights placed parallel to a wall frame. Nowadays, with the help of an expert, one can also fit a reading lamp right into the wall painting.

·      It’s beautiful to see lit greens. Use hanging lamps with warm tones above the pots placed on the floor.

·      Table lamps never hurt. Adoring these beside seating areas gives good structure to any space.


At, we understand how lighting can enhance moods and spaces. We’ve customised unique and wonderful neon signs for our clients across walks of life from major hotel chains to F&B outlets, homes, weddings, fitness centres, and corporate offices. We are a team of skilled designers and LED neon craftsmen that keep the craft creative and original. We ensure to keep the process hassle-free for you through a three-step process.


We’ll be glad to craft the perfect, relevant neon sign that caters in the best look and right mood. Feel free to reach out to the Neon Life Team at +65 90888270/

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