How home-décor can influence a renters decision to pick your apartment

In the current times, good and effective design is an investment.

The pandemic has given rise to two scenarios that affects the landlord as well as the renter. One scenario is wherein people with additional property are aiming to put it up for rent. Securing a source of income is a great option. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as it was earlier to find a tenant. The second scenario is wherein people have to quickly shift out of their home and rent a new place. Such renters prefer done-up homes. Purchasing items and fixtures, spending on home deposits and rents can be heavier on the pocket in challenging times. In this light, a renter-friendly design in your apartment increases chances to attract tenants and seal the deal.

Right from cost-effective fixtures, accommodative multipurpose furniture to chic neon lights, it’s all about making it convenient and workable for your tenant. Let’s read on and find out how can you increase the chances to rent out your apartment in Singapore.

1.    Privacy matters: bamboo blinds instead of expensive fabric curtains

Curtain blinds - How to style your apartment into a renter-friendly one

Everyone loves their privacy. Not to mention, staying indoors can make a lot of neighbours play peek-a-boo. Curtains are seen as a necessity. However, curtain fabrics are expensive. They require immense effort in creation and maintenance. They need to be stitched to the size of the windows and one cannot skip the regular detaching-washing exercise to keep it clean.

On the other hand, bamboo blinds are great privacy weapons while they don’t block out sunlight. They simply soften it and ensure the room receives sufficient brightness. These can simply be purchased online and fixed up in less than 5 minutes. They are cheaper, eco-friendly and easy to clean. Unlike curtains, there’s no need to allocate extra time to detach them in order to clean them up. A simply wipe or sway a broom – tadaa.

In terms of aesthetics, blinds are great in giving an organic and beach-like vibe to your space.

2.   All renters form first impressions as the door opens. Tidy up those tiles!

Clean tiles - How to style your apartment into a renter-friendly one

Who doesn’t love it neat? Ugly, chipped tiles can be a turn-off for your renter. It can influence renting-decisions as well (first impressions matter, always). Stress not – you need not spend a fortune.  You wouldn’t believe but an even, elegant look can be achieved by simple peel-and-stick tiles (thick vinyl). You can cover up chipped or broken tiles on the kitchen floor, bathroom walls. You can create patterns too by working with two different colours. Brady Tolbert, Designer and homeowner covered up the linoleum floor in his rental kitchen by using peel-and-stick tiles.

3.    Vibe counts in any space – probably as much as the rental amount.

netflix and chill neon sign - How to style your apartment into a renter-friendly onemakeup in progress neon sign - How to style your apartment into a renter-friendly one

Everybody likes to relax after a long, hectic day. LED neon lights deliver just that kind of relaxed vibe through their colour-pop feature. Colour & lighting are known to boost moods – almost instantly. Neon signage is a wise investment that incorporates both vibrant colours and light.

Neon lights help add vibrancy to monotony in space and daily routines. While they are traditionally linked to karaoke bars, and restaurants, they are a favourite house party element during lockdowns. These are available in zealous, playful colours. One can use neon signage to accentuate an industrialist styled living room, jazz up a teenager’s room, prop up a closet area and a lot more. Try adding in a hashtag, quote, song phrase or even just an initial of your name.

To add, these bring in the necessary grooves on the weekend. Gosh, we all crave weekends badly! Neon lights have taken spot in the up-and-coming trend in Singaporean homes.

4.    Add in ‘convenience points’ for your renter

convenience points - How to style your apartment into a renter-friendly one

It’s already been tough for all. Adding in ‘convenience points’ can really influence renters to pick your flat over others.

So, what are ‘convenience points’ exactly? These subtle points let your renter know that you as a landlord have him and his needs in mind. You’ve put thought and effort to think of his needs and done the space up accordingly. He can come to you when need be and you will genuinely take the effort to address his concerns.

And how does one communicate these points through the flat?

·      Place extension chords. Especially, in the era of work-from-home, we all know how useful these are.

·      Add in throw pillows or cushions that can work as backrest.

·      Create storage space. Either you can get under-storage bins or chairs with storage space. Inexpensive floating shelves are easy to source too.

·      Do a paint job once the rent agreement is sealed. A new paint job is like a house deep-cleaning session. Makes it new for new beginnings.


5.    Small yet extremely crucial points which renters evaluate

clean toilet - How to style your apartment into a renter-friendly one

·      Shit is going to happen (it’s a natural bodily phenomenon) but a shitty toilet seat isn’t happening. Be kind enough to replace a broken toilet seat.

·      Place in toilet holders

·      Pin up kitchen pegboards

·      Let plants do the talking. Small plants are brilliant, quick and cost-effective décor items that are super-inviting. Money plants are low maintenance and can thrive even in the company of lazy beings who don’t water often.

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