‘Make sure it is cost-effective, easy to set up and suitable for your personality.’

Home offices are becoming an indomitable part of homes in Singapore. Many of us have realised how dining tables have been acting as saviours. Kitchen worktops are also doing good as makeshift office worktops. While some home workspaces can pop up on demand, the beauty is that a home office can be set up in almost any room.

Work-from-home can be a fairly long feature in many of our lives. Hence, factors like lighting, comfort, furniture that supports back postures, etc. are important points which shouldn’t be missed for long term benefits.

All of us may have noticed that the home setup can make us feel sluggish from time-to-time. It’s almost as if the bed or couch is calling us to take a nap. Productivity can be altered with all the non-vocal invitations and distractions.

So, let’s find out certain design, furniture and style elements which can massively contribute to work-from-home productivity.

#1 Pick a spot that receives ample sunshine

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Staying indoors for the major duration of time can cause lethargy. Cramped up, dark spots tend to make us feel tired or uninterested. Adding in the natural boon of sunshine can do great wonders.

Pick a spot near a window, balcony or area that receives maximum sunlight. A major chunk of work can get ticked off in the day itself with a great Vitamin D inlet!

Place your laptop right in front of your window or adjacent to it so that the sunlight is directed to your face.

#2 Opt for furniture that supports posture

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Sitting on the bed, floor, coffee table of the sofa might not seem harmful – now. However, in a matter of a few months, it is very common to develop long-lasting and difficult back problems simply caused due to wrong postures.

Experts agree on the fact that the sofa is the worst place to work. Ameet Bhakta, a postural alignment specialist says “A sofa might feel like the most comfortable place at the beginning, but after a while, it won’t, because when you sit on a sofa what it does is it encourages you to slump. Nearly every sofa I’ve ever been on encourages you to slump to round your shoulders, put your head forward, and that’s going to put more strain on your body.

You need to sit on a comfortable chair with a backrest. Place your laptop or computer on a desk or table to maintain the right posture – ensuring that your elbows and keyboard are in the same length. Your feet must touch the floor.  And, your back and neck must stay straight.

To put it simply, a comfortable chair and table are invaluable investments.

#3 Boost up with LED Neon Signage

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pic4article2 300x300 - How to Style your Work-from-Home Space into a Productivity Booster Hotspot

Good and colourful lightning boosts productivity. You can infuse creativity and add some drama by make lighting work in a pop fashion through LED patches.

Break the monotony of your space by placing fun neon signages into your work area. These can fit into any area – dining room, bedroom or even kitchen. Often, these are placed above the shelf area or the adjacent wall to your desk.

Depending on your personality, you can opt for inspirational quotes, whacked-out signboards or even mottos. Check out a myriad of other interesting ways in which Neonlife makes the perfect neon signages, keeping them vibrant, joyful and mood-boosting.

You can also install LED strips within the shelf areas to add dramatic vibes.

#4 Introduce greens to slash stagnant scenes

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Didnt the green patch in the picture catch your eye?

Greens are not only catchy but also inspirational.

The quickest and most cost-effective way to brighten up a space is by adding plants. Low-maintenance plants such as money plants can liven up your space in a snap. Larger indoor plants can help sharpen up sharp layouts caused due to living room furniture in general.

#5 Build overlapping units to bag extra space

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For some, they work nature requires more than just a laptop, diary and coffee mug. You might have a ton of notes, files, papers, camera lenses, servers or even physical items. Easy-to-install overlapping units on the wall can free up a lot of space.

Also, accessibility is improved. Everything you need to work is within an arm’s length.

The best aspect of home offices is flexibility. One style doesn’t have to fit all. It just needs to fit your requirements, style and personality. So, go on and conquer your day from your productive nook.

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