If you are thinking of remodeling your home this weekend and have no idea where to start and what to shop, you’re at the right place.

Your home is the only place where you head to not only relax but also spend a significant amount of quality time (even with yourself). To make your house feel cosy & homely, try these 5 must-have elements. They not only help you in staying unconventional but also reflect your style and ethos. These little touches can literally transform your space into a warm welcoming home.

So without further ado let’s get started with our top 5 must-have home décors.

  1. Go Green with florals

greenery - Top 5 must-haves home décors – You better have it in your shopping list!

Who doesn’t love greenery? After all, it’s a natural luxury all of us like taking advantage of. Bring on your creepers and hang them over your wall in a hanging wooden pot.

Well, if you are too busy to look after the plant’s maintenance and all that ‘planting stuff’, worry not!  You can just put up artificial plants. They give you the same look with much lesser efforts. Easy, right?

And then there are hanging flowers, money plant creepers, bonsai plants, wooden pot with hanging leaves – all of these are fantastic replacements for natural plants. Hanging bottles with florals are an old yet golden idea.

And if you can’t get your hands on any of these, even a bunch of flowers would do a good job.


  1. Experiment with DIY fabric hangings

fabric hangings - Top 5 must-haves home décors – You better have it in your shopping list!

Now, you might be thinking that buying fabric-hangings is extravagant or expensive. Here’s how not to let it cut a hole into your pocket – by quite literally cutting a hole into your clothes.

  • Gather your old clothes which are torn or no more in use
  • Think of a theme matching your interiors and style them accordingly

If you are running out time, simply wrap your favorite old shirt piece around a cardboard. Now, hang them using a stick and a fabric thread or stick on the wall.

Getting stuck or having a starting problem? Read on to have a basic idea.

Put your cloth as the main body and attach woolen fabrics at the bottom or just cut the cloth’s bottom into inverted triangles or simply into stripes.

Since we never get tired of giving you ultimate bling ideas, here’s a handy dandy hack for you. Cut out your old jeans pocket as it is and paste it on the cardboard. Guess what you have just made? It’s a hanging stationary pocket!


  1. Neon lights – an absolute game changer

If you want something simple yet an instant mood changer on your basic walls, then neon lights is your go-to décor. These are the real game changers in home décors.

Now what makes them game changers?

It’s a no-brainer that neon light signs can bring out a homogenous bling factor so that the texture of your walls can never go dull. The best part about neon lights is that they complement any other décor so beautifully that they bring out a chirpy look out of any dull nook of your home.

Let’s show you ideas as to how to use or pair led neon signage lights with any other elements around.

  • Complement them with florals. Simple drooping branches with signage neon lights can be anything more just beautiful.
  • Personalise your signage neon lights with your favourite quotes and place them in your work or study area. They’ll be more effective than your random stick notes motivational quote.
  • Get your favourite verse lettered by custom neon lights and hang them around your dining place. This is going to be a super cute gratitude reminder before eating! Thoughtful right?

it was all a dream - Top 5 must-haves home décors – You better have it in your shopping list!A good place - Top 5 must-haves home décors – You better have it in your shopping list!

Now whether it’s your child’s birthday party or a just a random day at your study; neon lights can make your home super cozy and inviting.


  1. Cosy it up with throw blankets

throw blankets - Top 5 must-haves home décors – You better have it in your shopping list!

Gone are the days when someone’s paying us a visit, we start folding up blankets and stack them up in a corner. Because there’s a beauty in being messy too.

Throw blankets are ruling the couches and sittings with style. Any fabric with trendy colors would get the job done well. One has to pay close attention to the contrast of the throw and the regular blanket’s colors. Make sure your throw blankets blend well with the regular bedding too.


  1. Books or magazines – a staple that never goes wrong

If you’re someone who calls their book nook as their vanity area (and is a proud owner of a good chunk of books and magazines) then this section is for you!

You’ve got a lot of ways to style them up as a home décor. You can basically have two kind of looks with book stacks. One is minimalist and the other is a wholesome look.

book stack 2 - Top 5 must-haves home décors – You better have it in your shopping list! book stack - Top 5 must-haves home décors – You better have it in your shopping list!

Minimalistic look:

  • Triangular book rack
  • Zig-zag wall shelf
  • Stack them under coffee trays or under any decorative accessory in a shelf to fill the gaps

Wholesome look:

  • Stack them into a spiral on a stool
  • Fill the whole flying rack with books in a slanting position


Now that you know these 5 must-haves as home décors, ready to make your home a super cozy one?

Let us know how it turned out and yeah did it make everyone go gaga?

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